Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions


You can sign up for 5 classes at a time - three weeks ahead. All classes will be shown online and any changes will appear on the weekly schedule.

If you book a class but dont show up, you will be charged with 25 DKK if you have a Kula pass, or lose a class if you have a Class pass.

The cancellation deadline is 4 hours before class starts!

If you have booked online, you need to be at the studio and check-in at least 10 minutes before the class starts. If you come as a drop-in yogi, you need to be here at least 10 min before to ensure your space and have time to check-in.

We reserve the right to take photos in Hamsa Yoga Studio and to share these photos on social media. 

Conditions for Class Pass

Class Passes with 5 and 10 classes expire after 6 months. 
Intro Pass with 3 classes expire after 3 months and you can only buy this one time.

The Free Intro Class is also a one-time offer.

Purchases are binding, can not be put on a friends profile and will not be refunded.

If you get sick, and have documentation, we can put your Class Pass on hold. Please send an email with the documentation attatched.

Signing up for a class is binding, and you will loose a clip if you dont show up. Cancellation deadline is 12 hours before class starts. You do it via your profile.

All cards are personal, and will not be refunded. The Class Pass is active from your first booking, not the day of purchase.

Conditions for Kula Pass

Kula, a sanskrit word, often translates into "family", "community" or "unite" join the Hamsa-family and practice as much yoga as you like day in and day out.

The Kula Pass gives you unlimited access to yoga practice on a monthly basis. The membership can start on any day of the month and do not have a minimum duration (except for one months prepayment). This means that you could in theory cancel the membership the same day you purchase it. In that case the membership will last 2 months, both of which you pay for when you start the membership.

The Kula Pass is active from the day you buy it, not from the day you have your first booking!

On the day of signing up you pay for: 1 month of practice and 1 months prepayment. From then on you pay each month the price of 1 months practice on the day of the month that matches the day you signed up. The money is automatically collected using your credit card. The automatic payments will continue until you cancel your membership.

For instance, if you sign up on January 15th, you will pay for 1 month of practice and 1 months pre payment right away. On February 15th we will collect an automatic payment using you credit card. On March 15th we will collect another payment and so on.

The prepayment covers the event where we can not complete the automatic payment, if for instance your credit card has been closed. If that happens we will send you an email with instructions on how to go to our website and specify a new credit card. If you do not specify a new credit card your prepayment will cover the following month of practice after which your membership will expire.

OBS: If you book a class with your Kula Pass but do not show up for the class, or if you forget to check in, we will collect a fee of dkk 25,-. the fee will be collected with your next automatic monthly payment.

It is possible to put your Kula Pass on hold for a 1 month period, 2 times per calendar year. You do that via your profile and it is irreversible. 

You can cancel the Kula Pass from your profile page at any time. The cancellation of the Kula Pass must be made at least 48 hours before the next scheduled payment. You can then continue your practice for the remainder of the month and 1 month more, covered by your prepayment.

For instance, if your last automatic payment happened on June 15th and you cancel the membership on June 20th, your automatic payments will stop right away but you’ll still have access to unlimited practice until August 14th.

Anyone can sign up for a Hamsa Kula Pass using one of the credit cards that our payment provider accepts (most major credit cards). If you switch to a new bank or if your credit card should get closed or stolen, please remember to update your credit card using your profile page. In that case you will have to make one manual payment with the new credit card. After that the automatic payments will continue with the new credit card.

Please note: we do not keep your credit card info in our own database. our payment provider ePay keeps the info in their highly secure and certified systems.

Rules for 1 Week Pass

The 1 Week Pass gives you unlimited acces to yoga classes in 1 week (7 days). The 1 Week Pass can not be extended, put on hold and is personal.

The weekly pass is activated from the day, you make your first booking.

If you dont show up for a class, or you forget to check in, then the expiration date of your Week Pass will be one day sooner. Deadline for signing off, is 12 hours prior to class start. You do this yourself via your profile.

Conditions for Events

Event registration is personal and binding.

It is not possible to give your space to a friend.

Should you be unable to participate, you have signed up for, send an email at least 48 hours before the workshop to get your money back minus 10% (min. 100 DKK) in administration fee.

We reserve the right to take photos and film during all events.

Conditions for Gift Certificates

The Gift Certificate can be used to buy all products in our webshop. However, it is not possible to use a Gift Certificate to buy the monthly membership, the Kula Pass, as this requires a credit card for future payments.

The certificate expires 1 year from day of purchase.

Terms for payments

All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK).

Payment will be charged the following Business Day and is possible with the flowing cards: Dankort; Visa and Mastercard.

If you use a foreign credit card a 3.75% surcharge will apply (the amount that the credit card will charge us).

We use a secure system for payment and all information including bank information will be encrypted.


Transitioning into Winter with Ayurveda


5 Sunday afternoons in October and November taught by Brit Kim from DAYA Ayurveda

Brit will be your personal guide to Ayurveda during the 5 weeks.

We’ll meet 5 Sunday afternoons during October and November. You will learn how to transition into Winter, purify your inner light, meaning digestive fire and your mental clarity to benefit from the nurturing sacred rest of the Winter season.

Included in the workshop is a 1:1 consultation with Brit, where you will get your individual Ayurvedic mapping in terms of your constitution, (pulse-reading of your prakriti) and your present individual situation.

All the various aspects of Ayurveda will be touched upon with practical exercises to give you a basic understanding and experience of how you can integrate Ayurveda at home to improve your health with daily routines, e.g. diet, herbs, yoga and breathing techniques. You will also be introduced to some of the more philosophical and holistic insights of Ayurveda e.g. the influence of planets and medicine mantras and more.

5 Sunday themes:

27/10 You are born out of Ayurveda - basics of life

Introduction to Ayurveda basic principles and philosophy - how your health and inner organs function

3/11 Love your heart 

What is VATA/VAYU? How is it connected to Prana? - Movement of the elements. Life

10/11 Feel your fire

What is PITTA/Agni? How is Tejas connected to Awareness. Transformation of the elements. Light

17/11 Touch the Earth 

What is KAPHA? Touch the magic of Ojas. Feel kindness towards life.

Stability of the elements. Love


24/11 Waves of health

How to improve your health. 6 seasons according to Ayurveda. Preparation for Winter / Summer


Contact Brit Kim, mobile 25888866 or [email protected]


Go all-in on Ayurveda Sundays with Gentle Hatha Yoga class

You can add-on some of the regular yoga classes at Hamsa Yoga Studio. There is a Gentle Hatha Yoga class on Sundays starting at 16.30 right after the Ayurveda workshop.

Ayurveda treatments

It is possible to add-on extra ayurveda treatments, e.g. Abhyanga, Shirodhara and Marma Chikitsa. Sign up at hamsayoga.dk/treatments or contact Brit +45 25 88 88 66 or mail [email protected]


Sunday October 27th 2019


5 Sunday afternoons 14:00-16:00: 27/10, 3/11, 10/11, 17/11 & 24/11




kr. 1950.-


Klerkegade 19, 1. Floor DK - 1308 Copenhagen K  


Transitioning into Winter - Ayurveda Sunday 1-day workshop

Ayurveda Sunday 1-day workshop 

You are welcome to join a 1-day workshop on 27th of October from 14.00-16.00, which is the first Sunday of the workshop-series, Transitioning into Winter, which takes place 5 Sundays, beginning October 27th.



• Sacred Rest •

Winter gives us a beautiful time to enter into a deep restful space. A sacred rest. A time to rejuvenate. However, when there is stress, low metabolism, indigested substances, imbalances and weak spots in our health, then Winter’s natural state of coldness, heaviness, darkness, withdrawal and stagnation may prevent us from experiencing this sacred rest. Furthermore, ‘ama’, toxins and depletion of tissue may form. 

As a prevention and cure, Ayurveda recommends that we rejuvenate, balance and nurture our body and mind during the months of October and November to prepare for this transition in to Winter. 

Further information on the full workshop-series under 'events'.


Sunday October 27th 2019




Brit Kim


kr. 450.-


Klerkegade 19, 1. Floor DK - 1308 Copenhagen K  


Awakened Heart – Safe backbends & Heart-Openings

Explore how yoga connects you to your heart with asanas, alignment techniques for safe backbends, as well as ancient heart-opening mantras and meditation.

Yoga is about connecting to and revealing the Heart, ”Hridaya”; our deeper self. This is where, ancient texts say, we experience our deeper truth, values, and desires. In yoga, we explore several techniques to access the Heart at different levels: the body, the breath, emotions, and more.

This workshop will take you on a mini heart-exploration journey using a chest-opening asana sequence, alignment, therapeutic, and biomechanics techniques for practicing backbends in a safer way, in addition to ancient, heart-awakening meditation and breathing techniques known to awaken the Heart.

Treat yourself this late Fall with this nourishing and expanding workshop. Learn how to practice backbends in a safe and effective way.

A minimum of 2-3 months of yoga practice is preferable, but most importantly your willingness to explore and expand your horizons is more important. We will work therapeutically, so you are also welcome if you have shoulder challenges.

The workshop will be taught in English.

More about the teacher: Cedric Gorinas on hamsayoga.dk/teachers



Saturday November 2nd 2019


14:30 - 17:30




kr. 350.-


Klerkegade 19, 1. Floor DK - 1308 Copenhagen K  


Gentle Hatha & Restorative 50 hrs. TT

50 Hrs.  "Gentle Hatha & Restorative TT"

This season we offer a new supplment to yoga. A 50 hrs Hamsa Concept  "Gentle Hatha & Restorative TT" 

PRICE: 6500kr + Free yoga (while at the course.)

DURATION: 50 Hrs( + we exåect 5-10 hrs of homework as well.)

TIME: Monday to Fridag kl.10.00 - 16.00 (LUNCH  kl. 12.30 - 13.30.)

DATE: D.11. - 15. November & 18. - 22. November

This course runs in Danish (and a bit in English) 


[email protected] med evt. spørgsmål


Monday November 11th 2019


Monday - Friday: 10.00 -16.00 11th - 15th and 18th - 22nd of November




kr. 6500.-


Klerkegade 19, 1. Floor DK - 1308 Copenhagen K  


Flow & Float

Flow & Restorative Yoga w/ Reiki Energy

Nourish your soul in this 2 hours event of sweat and sweetness. Yes, in that order. Come flow with Marie-Louise in a transfixing, intelligent and breath-focused vinyasa style class followed by a restorative surrender with Reiki energy being performed by Marie Brown, a Reiki Master, allowing the body to fully rest and release. At the same time enjoy gentle assists and soothing massage from Marie-Louise leaving the studio floating on cloud 9.


About Your Teachers 

Marie-Louise is a resident yoga teacher at Hamsa Yoga Studio and a lover of flow - both slow or dynamic. She integrates creative sequencing with the precision of an alignment-based practice. She's taught yoga for the past 8 years - 7 of those in New York. She's the founder of Mind Your Business, an office yoga concept, and dedicated to making her students have eye-opening mind-body experiences.   

Marie Brown is a Reiki Master, peace warrior and intuitive healer She has practiced and taught Reiki in New York and Copenhagen for the past 8 years. Reiki Cph is her clinic and school for Reiki. As the founder of an organization called, We Make Peace, Marie also teaches peace education to children and youth. She is the author of a book entitled, A Recipe for Peace. 


Saturday November 16th 2019






kr. 250.-


Klerkegade 19, 1. Floor DK - 1308 Copenhagen K